frontend technologies

I work with most of the popular JS libraries and frameworks like React.JS/Redux Next.JS TypeScript Webpack Babel GatsbyJS MaterialUI ChakraUI HTML & CSS

blockchain technologies

I work with some of the popular blockchain technologies like Solidity Openzeppelin Remix Truffle Web3.

backend technologies

I work with NodeJS ExpressJS MySQL PostgresQL Redis to build backend APIs and services.


Senior UI Engineer

Dhan AI

April 2020 - September 2021

Worked on creating User Interfaces using primarily ReactJS Redux and other exciting technologies everyday. Solved complex frontend architecture problems using mono repos based on yarn v2(berry)

Goto person for all frontend related things

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featured projects


Flash Ride

Taxi Aggregator App built using technologies on top of MVC Architecture: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, GoogleMaps Api v3,Handlebars, NodeJS, MongoDB Atlas with some of the important features like Authentication, Ride Booking, Ride cancelling, Ride History etc.


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